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High-Quality Fabric Reinforced Coating Systems

When hurricane season comes around, your roof is always at risk. But Miller’s Top Choice Roofers has a solution. We offer fabric-reinforced coating systems in Central Florida. Fabric-reinforced commercial roofing protects the seams on your roof from splitting, which helps prevent leaks. This waterproof, seamless system is a lightweight liquid applied membrane that won’t rupture or tear easily. You can count on us to coat your roof with this durable and dependable material. Our systems come with warranties of up to 18years and protect roofs effectively.

The Advantages of a Fabric Roofing System

There are many benefits to a fabric systemin addition to providing excellent wind and hail protection. A fabric roof reinforcement system will:

  • Protect your roof at the seams
  • Reduce your need for roof repairs
  • Help your roof stay cool and last longer
  • Waterproof your roof against leaks and seepage
  • Make your property more energy efficient.

With a fabric reinforced roofing system, you’ll have a stronger roof that will last for many years. We can install fabric-reinforced commercial roofing quickly. You won’t have to wait around for weeks to get your new roof, we’ll knock out the job right away.

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Our Flat Roofs Add Value to Your Business

Need a new roof on your commercial property? Flat roofing is a great option, and you can trust the team at Miller’s Top Choice Roofers to install it perfectly. We provide first-rate flat roofing services in Central Florida. You’ll feel confident choosing us for the job because we have extensive experience installing roofing that’s leak-free and reliable.

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